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A regular Nordic Walking program can offset the long term health implications of stress. Nordic Walking is only rivalled by rowing and swimming as a full body exercise. Combined with fresh air and natural daylight it is the complete STRESS BUSTER.

Find a Quiet Place : Choose to Nordic Walk somewhere relaxing - a country park - around a lake - by the sea - in the mountains. The more appealing your surroundings the calmer you will feel.

Set a Comfortable Pace : Walk at your normal pace using the poles to develop a rhythmical gait. Don't rush, your goal is to unwind.

Relieve Tension : Nordic Walking lifts the head, opens up the chest and lets you breathe deeply. It releases tightness in the neck and shoulders and removes strain from the knees.

Take Time To Unwind : Nordic Walk for at least 15 minutes or about a mile. Take longer if you have the time, it will help you open up and unwind.

Avoid Distractions : Wear comfortable clothing and footwear, don't carry anything and leave the i-Pod at home.

When Nordic Walking starts to feel like a STRESS PRODUCER instead of a STRESS REDUCER make remedial adjustments to your workout.

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