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Open Air Wellness coaching takes you into the sunshine [emotional and  physical]. The combination of fresh air and natural daylight releases a 'feel good' chemical in the brain.                                                                                                      

Most people have positive feelings from being in the countryside.

Knowing how to take the first steps towards meeting a challenge is what separates those who achieve goals and those who do not. With the right attitude and simple techniques anyone of us can make the changes we want and work towards achieving our dreams.

"Goals that are realistic and achievable are mediocre at best".

Your goals should be MASSIVE.

[by your standards and nobody else's] but the steps you take to reach them do need to be realistic and achievable. 

The more ambitious the goals the more spectacular the results.

Do we have to go Nordic Walking?                                                                                                                           

No. However walking and talking is a great way to converse without the uncomfortable pressure of making eye contact.

A walking session is the most convenient way to coach but your experience could be by bike, canoe or ski

Alternatively if you don't fancy a journey then we could simply sit outside, on a park bench or under a shelter taking in the natural environment.


To contact Oliver Gynn, Nordic Walking expert and Wellbeing Coach either :-              phone  +44 (0) 79 47 83 55 22          or e-mail : info@nordicwellbeing.co.uk

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